67th Dutch
Astronomy Conference

Ameland May 23-25, 2012

Preliminairy program

Below you will find the preliminary program of the 2012 Dutch Astronomy Conference!

Our invited speakers are Michael Wise, Robert Laing, and Thijs van der Hulst. The evening discussion on Wednesday will be led by Jan Noordam and Frank Israel (updated). The public lecture on Thursday evening will be given by Klaas van Berkel.

Wednesday May 23rd
14:00 A welcome to the Dutch Astronomy Conference
14:05-14:35Thijs van der HulstTracing galaxy evolution with HI
14:35-14:55Neeraj GuptaTracing the evolution of cold gas in galaxies using 21-cm absorption
14:55-15:15Lex KaperResolving stellar populations with the E-ELT
15:15-15:35Erwin de BlokDark Matter and ISM in the THINGS galaxies
15:35-15:55Steven RiederEvolution of globular clusters in dark matter haloes
Coffee break
16:20-16:40 Poster Presentation Session I
16:40-17:00Leon KoopmansMaking Dark-Matter Substructure Visible
17:00-17:20Robyn SandersonWeighing dark halos with tidal shells
17:20-17:40Frank IsraelIonized carbon in the Local Group ISM
17:40-18:00Floris van der TakThe first results of the Herschel-HIFI mission
20:00-21:00Frank Israel &
Jan Noordam
Evening discussion
21:00Social evening event
Thursday May 24th
9:00-9:30Robert LaingALMA: Recent Progress and Early Science
9:30-9:50Pamela KlaasenALMA in the Netherlands
9:50-10:10Peter RoelfsemaSAFARI
10:10-10:30Nick CoxNew views on star formation with Herschel: cores and filaments in the
Chamaeleon and Musca dark clouds
Coffee break
11:00:11:20Bernhard BrandlScience and Technology of METIS for the EELT
11:20-11:40Scott TragerWEAVE and 4MOST: The next generation spectroscopic survey instruments
11:40-12:05Adam DellermJIVE-20: Imaging 10,000 faint sources with VLBI
12:05-12:30Jaya RamchandaniEU-Universe Awareness
Lunch (*)
13:30-16:00Social activities
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-18:00Parallel Focus Sessions (See below)
20:00-21:00Klaas van BerkelEvening talk
Friday May 25th
9:00-9:30Michael WiseNext Generation Radio Astronomy with LOFAR
9:30-9:50Peeyush PrasadAll sky Calibration and Imaging for the AARTFAAC project
9:50-10:10Roy SmitsFirst results from the Large European Array for Pulsars
10:10-10:30Ilse van BemmelRenewable science with EMMA
Coffee Break
11:00-11:20Marijke HaverkornDirect imaging of interstellar magnetized turbulence
11:25-11:50Gijs MuldersThe initial conditions for planet formation
11:50-12:10Phil UttleyX-ray reverberation mapping of black holes
12:10-12:30Rob RuttenProgress in 50 years of chromosphere research at Utrecht
13:30End of the 2012 Dutch Astronomy Conference
Departure of buses to the boat at 13:45!

*) The seal watching group has to leave at 13:00, therefore lunchbags will be provided.


Parallel sessions on Thursday
Session A
16:30-16:45Jeroen BédorfGraphics Processing Units applied to astrophysics
16:45-17:00Amin AminaeiLunar Radio eXplorer, An Experiment for Radio Observations on the Moon
17:00-17:15Shoko JinThe curious case of the stellar stream in Leo
17:15-17:30Thomas de BoerThe star formation and chemical evolution history of the Fornax dSph
17:30-17:45Bertrand LemsleThe puzzling chemical evolution of the Carina dSph galaxy from
VLT/FLAMES spectroscopy
17:45-18:00David Sobral11 Gyr Evolution of Star-forming galaxies: the HiZELS/H-alpha view
Session B
16:30:16:45Yuri CavecchiMagnetically Confined Thermonuclear Explosions as Probes of Dense Matter
16:45-17:00Mikkel NielsenObscuration of supersoft X-ray sources in circumbinary material:
A way to hide type Ia supernova progenitors?
17:00-17:15Thijs CoenenThe first LOFAR pulsar surveys
17:15-17:30Ke WangA Tale of the "Snake" Nebula: Star Formation Seeds Grow Differentially
17:30-17:45Ben de VriesCometary dust in the planetary belts of Beta Pictoris
17:45-18:00Mihkel KamaHerschel results on the Orion OMC-2 starforming cloud
Session C
16:30-16:45Pim SchellartMeasuring cosmic rays with LOFAR
16:45:17:00Maura PiliaAGILE observations of 'soft' gamma-ray pulsars
17:00-17:15Jun YangA Decelerating Jet in XTE J1752-223
17:15-17:30Lennart van HaaftenThe population of ultracompact X-ray binaries in the Galactic Bulge
17:30-17:45Caroline D'AngeloObservable QPOs Produced by Steep Pulse Profiles in Magnetar Flares
17:45-18:00Silvia ToonenBinary population synthesis and SNIa rates.


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