NAC 2016 Programme

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Unless otherwise noted, talks should be 12 min + 3 min for questions.
Plenary sessions: Belvedere Theater.


Monday May 23
Slot Name Title
Reception and coffee, poster setup
Jan Lub Welcome to NAC 2016
Plenary Session 1 - Chair: Scott Trager
11:05 Allen, Bruce Direct observation of gravitational waves from the merger and inspiral of two black holes
11:45 Korol, Valeriya A bright future for double white dwarf binaries
12:00 Watts, Anna Thermonuclear burst oscillations - where flames meet fundamental physics.
12:15 Carbone, Dario Exploring the transient sky: from surveys to simulations
12:30 Cendes, Yvette Tuning in the transient sky with AARTFAAC
Lunch in Restaurant DayZZ/EveZZ and Grand Cafe
Plenary Session 2 - Chair: Marijke Haverkorn
14:00 van Haarlem, Michiel Latest news from the Square Kilometer Array
14:15 van der Hulst, Thijs The WSRT Coma HI Survey
14:30 Adebahr, Björn Absorption and depolarisation effects in starburst galaxies
14:45 Morganti, Raffaella Massive and fast HI outflows: the case of Mrk231
15:00 Brienza, Marisa Remnant radio galaxies in the LOFAR Lockman Hole
15:15 Verheijen, Marc Science with Apertif - a wide-field 21cm survey camera for Westerbork
Coffee break and poster viewing
Plenary Session 3 - Chair: Alex de Koter
16:00 Dominik, Carsten Year one of SPHERE disk observations
16:15 Drozdovskaya, Maria Cometary ices in forming protoplanetary disc midplanes
16:30 Vazan, Allona Metallicity and the mass-radius relation of exoplanets
Pastoor Schmeitsprijs and Willem de Graaffprijs
Welcome reception in Patio with short presentations and questions from NWO, ASTRON, SRON and NOVA
Dinner in Restaurant DayZZ/EveZZ and Grand Cafe
Evening talk by Ton Engbersen (IBM) in Belvedere Theater: The long shadow of Big Data, Cloud and cognitive computing....
Round table discussion on Big Data, cloud and cognitive computing
End of evening programme
Tuesday May 24
Slot Name Title
Plenary Session 4 - Chair: Anna Watts
09:00 Trager, Scott WEAVE: status and surveys
09:15 Lyubenova, Mariya XSL: the X-shooter spectral library
09:30 Shipman, Russell The HIFI Legacy
09:45 Wang, Lingyu A critical look at the most commonly used SFR indicators
10:00 Hernandez, Svea Chemical abundances of extragalactic young massive clusters
Coffee break and poster viewing
Plenary Session 5 - Chair: Eline Tolstoy
11:00 Ramsay, Suzanne The European Extremely Large Telescope
11:30 Navarro, Ramon Highlights of Dutch technology development programme towards E-ELT
11:45 Snik, Frans Liquid-crystal technology for high-contrast imaging with the E-ELT
12:00 Brandl, Bernard E-ELT science with METIS
12:15 Massari, Davide Astrometry towards Extremely Large Telescopes: First results from real and simulated data
12:30 Kaper, Lex MOSAIC, the multi-object spectrograph for the E-ELT
12:45 Keller, Christoph Exoplanet characterization with EPICS at the E-ELT
Conference photo
Lunch in Restaurant DayZZ/EveZZ and Grand Cafe
3 Parallel Sessions, 15-min contributed talks, programme below
Dinner in Restaurant DayZZ/EveZZ and terrace
Poster Prize in Belvedere Theater
Pub Quiz in Patio
End of evening programme
Wednesday  May 25
Slot Name Title
Plenary Session 6 - Chair: Ralph Wijers
09:00 Redeker, David The end of the press release as we know it
09:15 Molenaar, Gijs The modern scientists: a contributing software engineer
09:30 Petroff, Emily Fast radio bursts in the era of wide-field interferometers
09:45 Pleunis, Ziggy First LOFAR millisecond pulsar discovery
10:00 Mueller, Cornelia VLBA+LMT+GBT observations indicate asymmetry in 3mm emission of Sgr A*
10:15 Vats, Smriti A Chandra X-ray census of the interacting binaries in old open clusters
Coffee break
Plenary Session 7 - Chair: Kelley Hess
11:00 Buitink, Stijn Cosmic Ray observations with LOFAR
11:45 Bartels, Richard The GeV excess: a case for millisecond pulsars
12:00 Crumley, Patrick Particle acceleration in mildly relativistic shocks
12:15 Mulrey, Katharine Detecting ultra-high energy neutrinos and cosmic rays with the ANITA long-duration balloon
12:30 Stevens, Abigail Comparing phase-resolved spectroscopy results from QPOs in low-mass X-ray binaries
Lunch in Restaurant DayZZ/EveZZ and Grand Cafe
Plenary Session 8 - Chair: Matthew Kenworthy
14:00 Hoekstra, Henk Results from the KiloDegree Survey
14:15 Matthee, Jorryt The mysterious nature of the COSMOS Redshift 7 galaxy: have we found a primordial object?
14:30 Ponomareva, Anastasia "The multi-wavelength Tully-Fisher relation: hunting for the intrinsic scatter"
14:45 Verbeke, Robbert Dwarf galaxy simulations with Pop III feedback, and how to “observe” them
15:00 Schulz, Robert A radio and X-ray view of the gamma-ray detected radio-loud narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy PKS2004-447
15:15 Papastergis, Manolis The too-big-to-fail problem is too-persistent-to-die: new constraints from nearby field dwarfs
15:30 Carton, David Resolving metallicity gradients of intermediate redshift galaxies with MUSE
15:45 Maseda, Michael JWST science is just around the corner
Christoffel Waelkens Closing and announcement of NAC2017
End of NAC2016


Parallel Sessions Tuesday


NOVA Network 1: Formation and evolution of galaxies: from high redshift to the present 
in Belvedere Theater NOVA NW1 Parallel Session 1 - Chair: Henk Hoekstra
14:15 Verdoes Kleijn, Gijs Quasar hosts and early growth of supermassive black holes in the epoch of reionisation
14:30 Mukherjee, Sampath Constraining galaxy evolution scenarios from strong lens simulations with EAGLE
14:45 Silva, Marta Unveiling the cosmic web baryons with intensity mapping of IGM filaments
15:00 Lucero, Danielle Neutral hydrogen in M83 observed with the SKA pathfinder KAT-7
15:15 Chatterjee, Saikat Power-spectrum analysis of early-type galaxies using strong lensing
15:30 Bus, Sander Interpreting the LOFAR epoch of reionization signal
15:45 Bisigello, Laura The impact of JWST filter choice on photometric redshift estimates
Coffee break and poster viewing
NOVA NW1 Parallel Session 2 - Chair: Henk Hoekstra
16:30 Veljanoski, Jovan The kniematics of globular clusters systems in the outer halos of the aquarius simulations
16:45 Spingola, Cristiana A panchromatic study of the gravitational lens MG J0751+2716 at z=3.2
17:00 Marchetti, Tommaso Constraints on the Galactic dark matter halo from hypervelocity stars
17:15 Kooistra, Robin Going beyond the SDSS cosmic web: HI filamentary emission as a direct probe of large scale structure
17:30 Posti, Lorenzo Self-consistent dynamical models for early-type galaxies in the CALIFA Survey
17:45 Storm, Emma Shocks in galaxy cluster outskirts: the case of A3667
18:00 Daprà, Mario First combined constraint on a varying proton-to-electron mass ratio from CO and H2 absorption
18:15 de Bruyn, Ger Very wide field VLBI in the LOFAR EoR windows
NOVA Network 2: Formation and evolution of stars and planetary systems 
in Grasuil 2 NOVA NW2 Parallel Session 1 - Chair: Carsten Dominik
14:15 Klarmann, Lucia Interferometric evidence for quantum heated particles - Tracing carbon in PPDs around Herbig stars
14:30 Talens, Geert Jan First results from MASCARA: Finding transiting exoplanets around bright (V<8) stars.
14:45 Hakim, Kaustubh High pressure-temperature laboratory experiments to probe the interior of rocky exoplanets
15:00 Croiset, Bavo Mapping PAH sizes in NGC 7023 with SOFIA
15:15 Van Eck, Cameron Faraday tomography with LOFAR
15:30 Oonk, Raymond Observing the cold interstellar medium with LOFAR
Coffee break and poster viewing
NOVA NW2 Parallel Session 2 - Chair: Carsten Dominik
16:30 Kenworthy, Matthew The bRing project: Looking for exomoons and rings around the exoplanet beta Pictoris b
16:45 Hoeijmakers, Jens Search for reflected light of hot-Jupiter Tau Boo b at high spectral resolution
17:00 Moravveji, Ehsan Quantifying the core overshooting and extra mixing with asteroseismology of Kepler B8 stars
17:15 Renzo, Mathieu Do we understand how stellar winds change stellar fireworks?
17:30 Götberg, Ylva Stripped stars emit ionising radiation
17:45 Kamp, Inga DIANA: Multi-wavelength disk models for the community
NOVA Network 3: The astrophysics of black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs
in Grasuil 1 NOVA NW3 Parallel Session 1 - Chair: Cornelia Mueller
14:15 van Doesburgh, Marieke Lense-Thirring precession around neutron stars with known spin
14:30 Oostrum, Leon Millisecond pulsar companions of subdwarf B stars
14:45 Nielsen, Ann-Sofie Long-term spin evolution of X-ray pulsar X1822-371
15:00 Connors, Riley Using joint sprectral fitting to explore the outflow geometry of GX 339-4
15:15 Szary, Andrzej On the origin of bi-drifting subpulse phenomena in pulsars
15:30 Ribeiro, Evandro A spectral-timing analysis of the kHz QPOs in 4U 1636-53: the frequency-energy resolved RMS spectrum
15:45 Bilous, Anna Drifting subpulses in the Bright mode of PSR B0943+10.
Coffee break and poster viewing
NOVA NW3 Parallel Session 2 - Chair: Patrick Crumley
16:30 Michilli, Daniele Emission and rotation evolution of pulsar PSR B2217+47
16:45 Rivera Sandoval, Liliana Hunting faint cataclysmic variables in the globular cluster 47 Tucanae
17:00 Kondratiev, Vlad Radio spectra of millisecond pulsars
17:15 Fraga-Encinas, Raquel Probing spacetime around Sagittarius A* using modeled VLBI closure phases
17:30 Wang, Yanan The XMM-Newton spectra of the 2012 outburst of the black-hole candidate 4U 1630-47 revisited
17:45 Straal, Samayra Unravelling the nature of HESS J1943+213
18:00 Cheng, Zheng The mass, radius, distance and cooling of the NS in EXO 0748-676 in quiescence with XMM-Newton
18:15 Blanchard, Jay Radio-gamma ray flaring in blazar PKS 0208-512


Invited speakers marked in bold.





Poster number Name Title
Arcangeli, Jacob Observations of exoplanet atmospheres
Arends, Erik Rotation and accretion of young forming stars in Chamaeleon I
Arentsen, Anke Determining stellar parameters for the X-shooter spectral library
Barber, Christopher The origin of compact galaxies with anomalously high black hole masses
Bilicki, Maciej The largest all-sky galaxy catalogues and their applications
Bos, Steven Determining the dynamical masses and disk sizes of the youngest protostars and proto-binary stars
Bosman, Arthur Probing the inner regions of protoplanetary disks with infrared CO2 emission
Bouma, Sietske Probing the early star formation in ultra-faint dwarf galaxy Boötes I: Zinc and yttrium
Bryan, Mark Supernova remnant RX J1713.7-3946 with the H.E.S.S. array
Davelaar, Jordy Modeling M81* with a tilted accretion disk
de Vries, Martijn A deep Chandra view of AGN feedback in the merging cluster Cygnus A
Decleir, Marjorie The variation of the dust attenuation curve in the nearby Universe
Dvornik, Andrej Detecting assembly bias using galaxy-galaxy lensing with the KiDS and GAMA survey.
Gardenier, David A model-independent comparison of accreting black hole and neutron star variability
Guo, Difeng The Sco-Cen OB association and the Gould Belt
Haffert, Sebastiaan The Leiden EXoplanet Instrument (LEXI): A high-contrast high-dispersion spectrograph
Halbesma, Timo Numerical simulations of the merging cluster of galaxies Cygnus A
Igoshev, Andrei Natura evanesca/elusive nature: high order multipole structure of magnetic field survives the fall back episode
Lopez, Kristhell NIR counterparts of ULXs
Mandal, Soumyajit Lockman Hole and Abell 1914 through the eye of LOFAR
Mastroserio, Guglielmo The effects of spectral hardness changes on reverberation lags
Mernier, Francois Chemical enrichment in the hot intra-cluster medium
Mikhailov, Klim An Arecibo search for the radio millisecond pulsar nature of the soft X-ray transient 1H 1905+000
Neijssel, Coenraad The evolution of the period distribution of massive stellar binaries
Okkuscu, Okan Mass-flow diagnostics in Herbig Ae/Be stars
Ootes, Laura Neutron star crust cooling in KS 1731-260
Peest, Christian Simulating dust scattering polarization in spiral galaxies
Pietrow, Alexander IR Background calibration strategies for the E-ELT
Por, Emiel Focal-plane electric field sensing with pupil-plane holograms
Ribeiro, Nadili Interstellar magnetic field and dust in the Milky Way
Ripperda, Bart Particle acceleration due to tilt and kink instabilities in a low-beta plasma
Saladino Rosas, Martha Irene AMUSEing winds in binary stars
Schoonenberg, Djoeke Building planets through water condensation
Schoonhoven, Harm Lockpicking competition at NAC2016
Shariati, Hoda Global study of flaring stars and flare properties in the Kepler database
Smits, Roy ARTS: An advanced radio transient system at the WSRT
Torres, Santiago Dynamics of the Oort Cloud in the Gaia Era
van den Eijnden, Jakob Differential precession in accretion flows onto stellar-mass black holes
van der Helm, Edwin Creating Arches
van Rest, Daan VLT/X-shooter observations of GRB 160203A in rapid response mode
Vandenbroucke, Bert A solution for Too Big To Fail
Verstocken, Sam High-resolution, 3D radiative transfer modeling of nearby DustPedia galaxies
Visser, Rico On the growth of pebble-accreting planetesimals
Wilby, Michael A “fast and furious” solution to the low-wind effect for SPHERE at the VLT