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Membership of the Nederlandse Astronomenclub is open to staff, post-docs, PhD and Master's students in astronomy and astrophysics, in The Netherlands and Belgium, and to science teachers at secondary schools.

The application form has been split in sub-forms, addressing various categories of information: your personal details, your affiliation, and some details regarding your graduations as PhD and/or Master in astrophysics.

Not all details are mandatory. The NAC is making an effort to collect data that may help to produce statistical data about the astronomical profession. You may choose to omit such fields, as will be indicated.


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*Infix = expression connecting first and last name. Typical for Dutch and German names, with infixes like "van", "van der", "von", "von der", etc.


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Member€ 22
Retired€ 10
Master's or PhD student € 10
Belgian member€ 15

NAC Privacy Statement

The personal information provided here will solely be used for your registration as a Member of the Nederlandse Astronomen-Club (NAC). The NAC does not provide or sell this information to third parties. Contact information, but no other personal details, will be made available to NAC members, in print through the annual members directory, and through a password protected members area of its web site. The information may be used to produce statistical data about the astronomical profession, but only in such a way that the data cannot be retraced to individuals.