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23 september 2023

Willem de Graaffprize

In 2005 the board of the Stichting 'De Koepel' in 2005 launched the Willem de Graaffprize as an expression of appreciation of prof. dr. Willem de Graaff, who had been chairperson of 'De Koepel' for many years until his death in October 2004.

The prize, worth € 1500 is granted every 3 years to a professional astronomer (m/f) or space researcher (m/v), who has contributed in an extraordinary way to the popularisation of astronomy and/or space research. In 2007 the prize was awarded to prof. dr. John Heise, in 2010 to prof. dr. Vincent Icke, in 2013 to Prof. dr. Peter Barthel, and in 2016 to Dr. Joeri van Leeuwen. After the closure of the Stichting 'De Koepel' the prize is awarded by the NAC since 2016.

In 2019 will be awarded again.

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