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Opgericht 5 oktober 1918
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23 september 2023

NAC Centenary Celebration

The NAC Centenary was celebrated in NEMO Science Center, Amsterdam, Friday evening October 5, 2018 .
The program was as follows:

19:00-20:00 Reception, on 3rd floor
20:00-22:00 Formal program, with speakers and live music, in Auditorium
22:00-23:00 "Borrel & Bites", on 3rd floor, beside the new exhibition "Life in the Universe"

On the programme:

Prof. Harm Habing discussed Historical aspects,
Prof. Ewine van Dishoeck outlined the future of Dutch astronomy,
Prof. Conny Aerts described the Flanders connection, and
science journalist Govert Schilling entertained us with his adventures with Dutch astronomers.
The Northern Consort performed music by Sir William Herschel (1738-1822), including a world premier.

Photographs of this meeting are available at this page